Kevin Künzl@MOTB

As announced, I want to use this page to share my experiences as a curatorial intern at the Museum of the Bible Museum Collections in Oklahoma City with you. The internship began on July 25th and ends on October 21st 2016. I hope you enjoy reading!

(Note: Everything I write is based on momentary personal experience. It does not reflect official MOTB statements. It is also not to be confused with scholarly writing.)

  1. Getting Started (08/01/2016)
  2. Lost Ink (08/09/2016)
  3. Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle (08/15/2016)
  4. The Art of Reading Documentary Papyri (08/23/2016)
  5. Communication Issues, Cuneiform, and Hard Decisions (08/31/2016)
  6. Conservation and Education (09/06/2016)
  7. Mesopotamia and the Bible (09/12/2016)
  8. Lectures and Food (09/20/2016)
  9. The Bible Coming to America (10/03/2016)
  10. The “MOTB Manuscript Viewer” (10/12/2016)
  11. Goodbye (10/23/2016)

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